First class operation!!! from the website to the shipping-- 48 hrs after arrival all fish are doing swimmingly


Thank you for calling me back right away, for taking your time in explaining and answering all my questions and concerns, for being very nice with you responses and for being sincerely honest.  You even told me to buy a Blue German Ram from a local pet store and try it in my tank with the discus.

Then if I ever decide to add more to call you back at a later time.  Wow, that is rarely heard of in today's world.  It proves that there are still caring, kind and absolute awesome individuals like you and your company still in existence today!!

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to getting these new fish from such a great company.


Hey Tom,

Just wanted to say thanks for the quality, healthy blue rams you sent to me.
I set up the aquarium as you suggested and used a drip acclimatization. Within a few hours the rams were up and running, and, they ate well the next morning.

Thanks again Man!


I got all the fish today. All survived and all are absolutely beautiful.Honestly, the most beautiful I have ever received and I have been keeping rainbows for 10+ years.

I am likely going to place another order as soon as next week.

Thanks so much.


I am very pleased with your service and your fish. I will recommend you to everyone.

Thanks a bunch, on behalf of my brother, James who is disabled. I would like to say that ODDBALLFISH came through with the order and shipping with wonderful flying colors as is their fish.We purchased a combo package for a 40gal tower. The fish were delivered exactly when they said they would be. The packaging was of excellent quality and the fish arrived after approx 1,300 mi. undamaged and very, very healthy. Can't wait to get a tank started for myself.

Suzann, Jimmy’s sister, you brought a lot of joy into a mans heart, where also the fish reside!!!


Fish have arrived and are in beautiful condition!

Note: BRAVO! The Blue Rams are amazing!! The most beautiful Blue Rams I have ever seen!!

Thank you!

Wow! Purchasing fish from you was an absolute treat and my only regret is that you don't carry more of my personal favorites!

I shared an order with a friend who purchased four dwarf neon rainbows and I ordered five longfin white clouds. They arrived in excellent condition and we couldn't be more happy!

The dwarf rainbows are all stunning fish that shine even from a distance and I am having great fun watching my new white clouds displaying for each other.

As a small business owner myself (I design original, handmade jewelry), I am very happy to support another home business owner whose love shows in what they produce.

The fish arrived in great condition.They are beautiful and I love the threadfins.Thanks so much.

I just received my order from you Friday afternoon. I purchased 4 blue rams and 2 gold. I have to say they are the most beautiful fish I have seen yet. Thank you for your dedication to raising quality fish for us, the hobbyist.

I ordered some long fin white clouds and they arrived yesterday. I just wanted to comment on the excellent customer service, and also the extremely beautiful and high quality fish.

Thanks for the quick response. I have heard really good things about your fish on plantedtank.net where I hang out. Looking forward to the new additions.

Hello Tom!!!

Just wanted to let you know all my new babies arrived in excellent shape...They adjusted really well to my tanks and was glad to see the afternoon snack.All were really to eat, the red rainbows were a bit more reserved than the rest but are doing fine now... They enjoyed the bloodworms at the night time snack...

I was wondering if you could send me an email when you have some yellow rainbows ready to ship...Really missed not getting any of them this time around.. As you could tell, they are one of my favorites and so beautiful in the tanks...

Thanks again for the beautiful fish and all your dedication for people like me to be able to own good, healthy fish....


Thanks.I will be back to purchase from you in the future in light of the good service.

I recently placed an order through you and the fish have been here for only a few days but I must say that these are excellent quality fish. It has been a while since I kept Rainbows but the ones I have received from you are by far the most stunning I have ever seen. Also, some of the Peacock Gudgeons I have received from you have already started breeding. I am thoroughly impressed and I want to thank you for everything.You really got something good going on over there.



Wherever you picked up these Blue Rams, don't switch providers. [Oddballfish.com is the hatchery] These are incredibly gorgeous in color, and extremely lively--they were eating food on the first day!I was nervous about the 2 day ship, but the fact that you watch the weather convinced me that the safety of the fish was your first concern, unlike any other internet fish store I know of. I love this specific species because they aren't very aggressive, (I have a community tank with various tetras, loaches, and a pair of angelfish) and you are the only store that had these in stock.

Well, I don't mean to take up too much of your time, but I wanted to let you know these are the best-looking fish I have purchased to date.I will be back when I'm ready for more fish!

Thanks a ton,

I have been burnt several times online and when I saw my fish hadn’t shipped the day after they were supposed to per your online site I freaked. I had looked for these for a long time. In praise all my fish arrived in great shape, beautiful, and perky, great packaging and already I think I have at least 2 pair mated off. I want to say this is my best online experience and was treated with more courtesy and professionalism.

Hi Tom, the fish came in yesterday all healthy+ looked good. They are doing great and adjusting well today. Thank you for sending the 3 extra fish!

We are excited to watch them grow plus develop more color. I didn't realize how largethe other rainbows have gotten from our first order with you until yesterday when I added the new fish. The new fish show nice coloration already, but the older original rainbow fish are just beautiful now they almost sparkle with color.

Thanks again,

These Rams are the friendliest that I have ever seen too. When I was changing water they would come right up to my hand.They were not shy at all like I have seen Rams in the past.
Thanks for some great fish! If I need any more, I know where to come!


I just received my first order of livestock from Oddballfish.com, and I was very impressed with the beauty and health of the specimens along with expedient service and an affordable shipping rate. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Dear Tom,
The rainbows arrived in excellent condition and are absolutely beautiful.Thank you so very much for answering emails and the gorgeous fish....Till next order...


I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I received the 5 Threadfins today and they were all very healthy. Now my one lonely Threadfin will have 5 mates to make a little shoal.

Cheers and all the best,

The fish arrived in good shape yesterday. Your fish are always more beautiful than the same kind in fish stores! The colors are brighter, and they are more active. These rams have such big fins, with color on them!

It also looks like you sent me extra ones without charging for them—thank you for that.

Best wishes,


The fish appeared to be in excellent condition, and the colors are the best I have ever seen on albino paradise gouramis. Later this year, if I can find room, I intend to order some of your long fin white clouds.

Thanks for the quality fish and for answering my emails.


My complements to you, again! I say "again" as I made my second purchase from Oddball about a week ago. Once again I received the most fantastic Blue Rams I have seen. The color and health of your fish is beyond compare--certainly much better than I can find at any LFS.

Although I dropped you a line after my first purchase, I wanted to drop you another to share my 110% satisfaction.I could not believe the condition of the Rams I received to fulfill my most recent order. The fish arrived so healthy and in such great condition I had one of the two females spawn for me TWO DAYS AFTER INTRODUCTION to my tank.To me this is truly an indication of your quality product.In my experience, weeks of conditioning would be required prior to spawning of any fish I have purchased--not the case here.

Thank you for maintaining the high standards that obviously show through in your product!

I now have a brood of about 180 fry that have been well tended by both male and female--simply a joy to watch!

Thank you!



About a month ago I purchased 2 extra large German Blue Rams, and let me tell you they are beautiful--the finest specimens I have ever seen! The size, the color, and the health are fantastic!They arrived in great shape! Your care in packaging obviously results in arrival of healthy fish.

While the cost of ordering only 2 fishes plus shipping was considerably more than acquiring the same at a LFS, the quality and health of your fishes is well worth the extra. Your Rams are far superior to any that I have seen--I am 110% satisfied!

Interesting behavioral phenomenon has occurred that has been a joy to watch. I had requested a male and a female, and thought initially I had received one of each. The pair arrived, one with the characteristic female markings (Solid blue "dot" vs. the male's black "dot.")I noted considerable chasing by the male of the other fish, and assumed it was courtship; however, to my surprise, once the fish were "settled in" I noted that the female was actually a male that was displaying female characteristics in response to the other, dominant male. Recently, I have noted the dominance has switched, and the fish’s coloration has reversed--the original dominant male is now displaying "female" characteristic blue dot, and the other is now the King of the tank.Simply fantastic, this display of nature is! The lesser male changing its coloration to relieve aggression from the dominant one--WOW!

I will soon order more Rams from you guys, and I hope to get two females. Hopefully you will be able to provide the same; I would love to see some pairing and spawning activity of these incredible specimen’s!

Thank you for providing aquarium a-fish-ionados such a great source of healthy, colorful, top-notch fish.I have recommended your site to a number of fellow hobbyists--I can't say enough how pleased I am with the fish; you have a customer for life here!

Kind regards,


Dear Tom,

The fish we got from you are great!! They are all doing really well.We have had no losses (unlike we have seen with other online providers), and they are all really beautiful.Thanks so much!I am so happy to have such beautiful, healthy "oddball" fish forour office aquarium.



I’m thrilled. Wonderful fish... Now I need to setup another aquarium to have room for more of your fantastic selections. Thank you.


I just wanted to tell you that my featherfins and peacocks came last week.They are truly beautiful, and seem to be doing well.Given my experience that the pictures are usually of the prize in the bunch, and what is shipped, pales compared to it, I was happily surprised that these were as beautiful as the picture.My only regret is that I didn't order more featherfins (peacocks hide a lot) and perhaps another type of rainbow.Well, maybe when things settle in.Just wanted to assure you that I have been touting your web site to all of my friends in the hobby.

Hello. Fork tail blue eyes and peacock gudgeons came in great shape. They look beautiful in my tank. Look forward to doing more business with you.


I have to say that these large blue rams are the biggest and most beautiful Rams I have ever seen! They had fantastic color within minutes of getting out of the bag, I am very impressed.



I wanted to let you know that my order of chilatherina bleheris are flourishing.They were in beautiful shape when they arrived and acclimated to my show tank without a problem.
Very pretty and will be recommending you to others for rainbow fish as well.I worried about adding them directly to my tank as ick is a terrible thing to get.The rainbows were healthy and no one has developed any illnesses as of yet.It has been nearly two weeks with no signs of stress or illness.

Thank you and regards,

I bought 2 pairs of Macropodus concolor and 2 pairs of Pseudosphronemus dayii, they arrived very healthy and in perfect condition.

Thank you!


I just wanted to say that I am VERY pleased with my purchase from this website. I haven't bought a lot of fish online because I was worried.Ya'll have the most beautiful and hardy fish that I could have asked for. I just wanted to say thank you!!!


Great site! I recently purchased some Blue Crays and will soon purchase some others due to the quality of fish and quality of feed back. But I need a place to RAVE! Please put in a guest book or rave page. I would like to tell all of your visitors how great the quality is here. A very rare exception to the online experience.


I am very happy with shipment. All are doing fine. FYI received fish 3pm. temp.73. ph 6.6, ammonia 2ppm,little waste in bag. Adjusted every tank to bag. Fish active, ate shrimp at 5pm. Thanks for your extra efforts. I am looking forward to my next order.


I just wanted to let you know that my 9 rainbows arrived intact. Followed your acclimation process and they are all doing very well. Beautiful fish. I will be ordering more from you in the near future

Received the fish at 11:00 am. All arrived alive and in good shape. They went into my 20 gallon plant tank, haven't seen too much of them since.

These are very beautiful fish. The colors are impressive even at their young age. They are beyond my expectations and I am very happy with them.

Just wanted to comment on the wonderful specimens I recieved about 3 weeks ago.Excellent fish and they have started to breed already!Thanks from a very happy customer!

WOW.I got the fish today and they are Beautiful. They all seem just fine in their new home.

Thank You.



The Rainbows arrived in great shape.They are gorgeous- big, nicely colored.They've never missed a beat since I put them in their own 55 gal.

Thank you so much!


The fish arrived this morning @ 11:00AM. What beautiful Rams ! You have made me a very happy fish person!


I got my fish, T-Shirt and coffee mug today. Everything is great. If you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to look me up. I will be sure to wear my Tee to the next GPAS meeting. Even my wife liked it. I will probably have to get her one on my next order.

Thanks Again!