Tropical Fish Video Tutorials

With our detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions, it's easy to get started. Make it a children's gift. Or get into as a serious, enjoyable and rewarding hobby.

Just have a casual interest and don't want to have to learn a lot or go through a long learning curve? Here's an easy to have some unique and interesting fish.

These videos have been produced to introduce you to the basics of starting and maintaining a basic 20 gallon aquarium with freshwater tropical fish. Scroll on the right of the blue box to see all the videos - click on the video you want, to watch.

Starting and Maintaining a 20-gallon Planted Tropical Fish Aquarium

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Part A: Parts of an Aquarium and Assembly

  1. Equipment (1 minute 20 seconds).  This short video describes the aquarium equipment you'll need.
  2. Aquarium Placement (19 seconds).  Where should you locate your aquarium? It matters.
  3. Aquarium Assembly (44 seconds). Putting together your new aquarium.
  4. Filling and Starting the Aquarium (40 seconds). Getting started, up to the point of adding plants.

Part B: Planting and Stocking the Aquarium

  1. Aquatic Plant Basics.
  2. Preparing Plants for Planting
  3. Planting Plants
  4. Adding the First Fish to the Aquarium
  5. Aquascaping Secrets

Part C: Aquarium Maintenance

  1. Doing a Partial Water Change
  2. Cleaning and Changing Filters
  3. Trimming Plants
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Gasping or Scratching Fish
  6. Algae
  7. Dying or Discolored Plants