The Bio Difference


Tropical Fish HatcheryAll livestock sold by are spawned and raised at Valley Fisherie's Tropical Fish Hatchery in Florida. Valley Fisheries is strictly a breeding hatchery and does not purchase fish for resale. Thus, we can assure you that when our fish reach your front door they have not been exposed to other livestock or conditions which may compromise the quality or health of your animal or lead to problems down the road. We can assure you that the fish you receive surpass our own high standards of excellence and they have been cared for in a biologically and genetically responsible manner.


Periodically, Valley Fisheries purchases broodstock for use in our experimental and production breeding programs. These species are carefully selected to ensure they are of PURE STRAIN and PATHOGEN FREE. Only statistically significant populations are accepted (to maintain genetic viability) and all purchased species are quaranteened and examined to ensure complete biological health. This process, along with the PROBIOTIC MANAGEMENT techniques we employ in the breeding, larval fish management, and grow-out hatcheries, help ensure that the fish you receive at your front door are clean, healthy, genetically sound and can be expected to live a long and healthy life.


As a result of our extremely high standards in the areas of genetic composition and bilogical cleanliness, we have been able to operate our hatcheries very differently than most. We utilize proprietary state of the art probiotic management techniques, and have been doing so for 20 years. Simply put, we have developed techniques that allow us to establish and maintain natural environments that our fish thrive in and promote SUPERIOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY with very minimal use of chemicals and medications. Many of these techniques will be shared with you in this web site and when you buy our fish. When you receive our fish at your front door they will be genetically sound and pathogen free, will be beautiful and well fed, will have healthy and active immune systems, and will be ready for acclimation into your aquarium.