Our Tropical Fish Guarantee


Oddballfish.com guarantees live arrival at your door on all shipments. We will not ship your fish if certain weather parameters are exceeded. We will notify you of such a situation, and give you the option of waiting, cancelling your order (and receiving a refund), or overriding our judgement and choosing to have the order shipped immediately. In that case our guarantee does not apply.

It is very important that you follow our tank preparation and receiving instructions to ensure proper acclimation of your animals. Two videos on our site provide general instruction on this. In addition, the product page for each item gives species specific information (such as which fish are compatible with each other).

We do not guarantee any particular percentage of males or females. Although we generally try to ship even quantities of males and females, this is not guaranteed. Special requests for certain combinations of males and females are not guaranteed however we will do our best to fill special requests to the extent possible.


Because we raise all the fish ourselves and take great care with how we ship, it is very rare for fish not to arrive safely. Nevertheless, it can happen.

In the rare case of a Dead on Arrival (DOA), please immediately email us and describe the loss. DOA claims are not guaranteed after 24 hours. Send a photo (cell phone photos are fine), include species and quantity dead, condition of remaining fish and of the box.  If you can, describe the condition of the water (such as water temp, PH, ammonia smell), and why you think they died and anything else that may help us to prevent such in the future.

We will refund the dollar amount of the actual fish lost or if you plan to place a future order we can add the replacements to that order at no additional cost. We cannot refund shipping costs.


Generally, if an item is listed on the web site, it is in stock. However, it is possible to receive more orders than we have stock before an item can be removed from the website. In this case you will be notified of the shortage and proposed delivery date and allowed to change or cancel your order.