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All of our fish are spawned and raised by us at our tropical fish hatchery in Florida since 1991. We are the premier breeder of oddball freshwater tropical fish supplying the retail industry.

We have been at the cutting edge of exotic tropical fish for many years. We introduced the German Blue Ram to the American tropical fish hobby world. We were the first in the world to commercially produce Blue-eye Rainbows and we were early adopters of Probiotics in breeding and growing freshwater tropical fish.

Since 1999, we have been selling exotic tropical fish direct to consumers, through We guarantee live, vibrant, healthy arrival of your fish.

Minimum order is $50.

Guaranteed Live Arrival of Mail Order Tropical Fish!

Everything about how we ship is designed to ensure your fish arrive in good shape. We only ship on Wednesdays. We ship by Fedex only (no P.O. boxes) and only to the lower 48 states (not Alaska or Hawaii). Watch this informative video on how to acclimate your fish to keep them alive!

We choose the method of shipping (such as ground or two day) of each order, based on how far the fish are traveling and the weather at the destination.

Only fish that do well together are placed in the same bag, and we never over-pack a box. Note: the "Fish per Box" number shown for each item is only an estimate. When in doubt, we will use an additional box. Generally, the larger the fish the fewer will fit in a box. While you are shopping, you can always click on "calculate shipping charges" and enter your zip code to get the exact shipping charge for your current basket contents.

Because of the special packaging and care needed to ensure live arrival, shipping charges can be a large portion of the cost of your entire order. The minimum shipping charge is $20 to Fedex zones 2-4, $30 to zones 5-8. If you are ordering only a fraction of a box, for a few dollars more, why not add a few more fish to your order?


Your order will be filled with as close to even quantities of males and females for each species ordered as is possible. Please be aware that in most cases females of the same generation are slightly smaller than the males. You can make a special request thru our feedback system for a particular combination of males and females and we will do our best to honor your request. However, we cannot guarantee even numbers of males and females or special requests or that all the fish are the exact same size given that some are males and some are females. We do, however, guarantee live arrival of your animals or your money back. Please see the "Our Guarantee" button at the bottom of page.


the German Blue Ram Story

Acclimate Your Fish Video
The story about the German Blue Ram featuring a video of how they spawn. Watch!

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Tip of the  WEEk

When you are deciding how many fish to put in your aquarium you need to consider more than just the size of your tank. The size of your fish at maturity, the rating of your filtration system, and the surface area of your aquarium should also be considered. The general rule of thumb is 1" of fish per 12 square " of surface area. You can adjust this general formula depending on the quality and rating of your filtration system.